About The Team Collectors

We are a group of baseball cards collectors, each focused on collecting cards of our favorite team.

The group was initially formed as a means of adding cards to our collections from each of our respective favorite teams. We accomplished this with each member sorting our cards by team and mailing those cards to each of the appropriate team collectors within the group.

Since the group’s inception in October 2005, we have evolve from a group of card collectors to a collection of friends from all across the country. While we have our team rivalries, we all come together as fans of baseball cards and fans of America’s favorite pastime.

In recent years, we have shared our love for the game by meeting in person to watch a baseball game and break boxes of cards. We have met previously in Baltimore, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Kansas City. Most recently, we met in Cleveland to enjoy the National Sports Collectors Convention and watch the Indians play the Angels at Progressive Field.

The Team Collectors currently consist of 23 Tier 1 members, as well as a number of Tier 2 and Emeritus members.