Group Guidelines

The process is fairly simple and straight-forward.

Each member of The Team Collectors has a favorite team. If your team is available when you join us, you become the owner for that team.

Therefore, each team has a collector who sorts and mails packages to all other collectors with cards for their respective teams. In return, you will receive packages from all of the other collectors loaded with cards from your favorite team.

New members must send first as a sign of good faith.

Tier 1 Participation

Only one member per team. (View a list of Available Teams.)

Card quantities of the packages members send often vary.

Members typically send packages consisting of 2-4 team bags shipped in a bubble mailer. Team bags generally hold about 25 cards, so most packages are usually 50-100 cards. Typical cost of shipping is approximately $3.50-$5.00 to ship.

The only requirement to send are base cards. Anything extra is at your discretion. We have frequently sent and received game-used, autos, vintage, #’ inserts, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable sending will be warmly welcome.

Tier 2 Participation

Participating at a Tier 2 members allow you to join the group when your team is already taken by a Tier 1 member.

Only one Tier 2 member per team. (Inquire for your desired team.)

As a Tier 2 member, you will send your unwanted cards to your respective Tier 1 member. In return, that member will send you his/her extra cards from their team.


  • Fred is Team Collector for the Angels.
  • Jane wants to be the Tier 2 member for the Angels.
  • Jane mails any of their unwanted cards to Fred.
  • Fred then sends back a package of all Angels doubles to Jane.

NOTE: This is not a one-time trade, but rather an ongoing exchange of cards.

The only other rules are common courtesy.

Post “Thank You’s” and “Your Welcome’s” on the message board.

Active monthly participation is required. Monthly “roll call” may be performed to verify everyone is still in existence. You must respond to the “roll call” via email or on the active monthly thread. Failure to respond may be used as ground for removal from the collectors group.

Prepare to be truly amazed and totally blown away at others’ generosity.

Send an email to to inquire about joining.

Feel free also to visit our Message Board and create a free acount. You will be added as a TC Guest and can remain a guest. If you do join the group, your status will be changed to a Team Collector.