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The Team Collectors are not a localized collecting group. Like Major League Baseball, we are individual collectors from all parts of the country. Some of us, such as mattyh311 (Rockies) or egon8 (White Sox) or myself (Twins) live right where are teams play. Others of us live far distances from our teams, such as Nimster (Angels) who lives about 2,000 miles from Angels Stadium or wthalin (Cubs) who lives more than 2,100 miles from Wrigley Field.

The group formed originally many years ago as a thread on the old Beckett Message Boards. When Beckett moved from their old message boards, we moved to our own site.

In my opinion (and other team collectors may feel differently), the move to the new site is when moved from a gathering of individual collectors to a group of trading friends. Since then, we’ve had many new members who have joined and others who have gone, enjoyed numerous online box breaks, and have gathered together as a number of Team Collectors conventions (the most recent being at the 2018 NSCC in Cleveland.)

Our most recent team collectors have come to us through Twitter.

Across the country, our love of the game and our love of collecting keep our group strong and hope to stay that way for years to come.

Team Collectors Map

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